Cycling around Sicily is wonderful… the island deserves to be seen slowly…

There are many associations organizing bike tours. Here we are going to give you some tour ideas.

The European project “SIBiT” (Susteinable Interregional Bike Tourism) has routes around Syracuse, Caltanissetta, Ragusa, Agrigento and Trapani. They are very well indicated by the SIBiT brown signs that have a bicycle symbol on, they also indicate the name of the next destination and its distance in kilometers.

There are paths that connect Trapani to Siracusa, going throughout some of the most beautiful places on the island; one starts from Trapani towards Agrigento passing by the acropolis of Selinunte, the other goes by Segesta.

Med in bike

The coastline that separates Trapani to Marsala is a wonderful route. There is a beautiful view on a flat sea reflecting the blue Sicilian sky; on the horizon line are three islands: the Egadi. Closer to your eyes are the geometric shape of the saline, flooded with water and streaked with red and gray colors, depending on salt deposits.

In this western side of Sicily, you will see jagged edge sea and lands, islands and ponds. The big saline in Trapani are natural protected reserve despite is very close to the city. The big pond in Marsala with its islands is a place that makes you discover ancient beauty; This protected reserve is the largest lagoon in Sicily where its water depth never gets to three meters and where the sea grass creates sinuous and intricate underwater gardens. In San Pantaleo you will see the ancient Phoenician city, Mozia.

Mozia - ph.Robianni

Mozia – ph. Robianni

The main cycle rout is in the province of Agrigento that count 170 km between sea and archaeological sites. Starting from Porto Palo in Melfi, you can bike to Sciacca‘s center and then to Menfi and Montallegro. You can discover the WWF reserve of Torre Salsa and from there the scenic route starts passing by Realmonte Capo Rossello, Scala dei Turchi and Porto Empedocle, where is Luigi Pirandello birthplace. The Valle dei Tempi is practically around the corner.

In the heart of the Sicily, nearby Caltanissetta there is another very interesting rout that goes between castles and endless wheat fields, you can go from Gela to the medieval castle in Mazzarino; or you can go towards Mussomeli, to visit the ancient castle.

The route continues in the countryside around Ragusa, between dry stone walls until you get to Donnafugata, where there is a castle that is often used as a location for film and television productions.

castello di Donnafugata

castello di Donnafugata

Now we talk about the “Baroque” bike route that goes towards Siracusa throughout cities protected by UNESCO as they are Modica, Scicli, Palazzolo Acreide and Noto. Once you get to the south coast, by the Isola delle Correnti and by Capo Passero wich is the southernmost town in Italy, you get close to the Vendicari Reserve, the Marine Reserve of Plemmirio, and then the route ends in Siracusa.

Palermo, la Cala - Marzolino

Palermo, la Cala – ph. Marzolino

There are many routes in Alto Belice Corleone, (Palermo). You can bike throughout several towns as Monreale, that is famous for its beautiful cathedral (UNESCO), the Piana degli Albanesi, famous for its cannoli, Palazzo Adriano where “Cinema Paradiso” was filmed, Cefalà Diana, known for its fascinating Moorish baths, Bosco della Ficuzza, where it is nice to see the Hunting Royal Lodge, Natural Reserve, and Corleone.

Itinerario Alto Belice

Let’s change area. The ones who are not afraid of hard work, can bike up to Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe.

Salita sul vulcano in MTB - Ph. Arch. Mannarano

Salita sul vulcano in MTB – Ph. Mannarano

There are many starting points: from Linguaglossa the road goes into the woods to the Brunek Refuge and down to Piano Provenzana (1600 m).

A shortest alternative route starts in Fornazzo (eastern side), bordering the huge chasm Valle del Bove till the Rifugio Citelli where you can enjoy the view of Taormina and Calabria from. The hardest route is the one that starts from Rifugio Sapienza and goes down to Zafferrana Etna, Nicolosi and Pedara.

Now let’s discover Parco dei Nebrodi where you can appreciate lakes, streams, dense forests, wide valleys, and sharp peaks. Start biking from Portella Femmina Morta near Mistretta, for about 65 km, till Portella Mitta, near Floresta. On this way you will reach the Lago Maulazzo that deserves a stop;

Lago Maulazzo - Ph. Arch. Mannarano

Lake Maulazzo – Ph. Mannarano

then keep biking towards lago di Biviere di Cesarò.

Biviere di Cesarò - Ph Arch Mannarano

Biviere di Cesarò – Ph. Mannarano

On the way there, you could meet different animals like the cavalli di San Fratello and suini neri dei Nebrodi. The view from the Lago di Biviere is beautiful showing the Rocche del Castro and the town of Alcara Li Fusi.

There are more routes within the Madonie Park different for level of difficulty and time. You will meet many places that reflect the soul of Sicily like Geraci Siculo, Petralia Soprana and Cefalù, they are among the most beautiful Sicilian villages in Italy.

Vista sulle Petralie - Ph Arch. Mannarano

Madonie – Ph. Mannarano


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Around Trapani

San Vito Lo Capo – Grotta dei cavalli