Away from the chaos, in this absolutely harmonious place, the glare of the sun brings out the colors of nature. On the horizon, the turquoise blue of the sky blends with the blue of the sea and the golden sand mixes with the shades of the vegetation: reeds, palm trees, large mastic and myrtle bushes. The scent of thyme is very attractive.

Finally the sea,  then the warm wind, the sounds of birds and salt on the skin…

The paths along the sea are simple and interconnected. The Vendicari Reserve extends from south of Noto till Pachino and Marzamemi. Sandy strips alternate with rocky areas, and salty marshes, where birds stop during their migrations. There are beautiful beaches with fine and clear sand. The first one, coming from north, is Eloro beach; overgoing the river mouth of Tellaro, you can see an untouched beach, Marianelli, a stretch of beach that rises from the Mediterranean vegetation. The most famous beach is Calamosche, towards south, and it is set between two rocky hills and Mediterranean vegetation.

We should take our time, at least two or three days, to deeply enjoy this beauty. Let’s continue with our itinerary through the Reserve driving south along the provincial road 19. The path to the beach of Vendicari is marked by a wooden footbridge that crosses a pine forest: the beach is a long sandy bay. On the headland to the right you can see the Sveva Tower and the tuna factory on the sea. The tuna factory was built in the eighteenth century to process tuna.

Now the little swamp. The marine area and the dampness created the right environment for mires and swamps. Plants and animals that adapted to a high concentration of salt, have developed; Swamps are very important for the migratory birds coming from Africa and Northern Europe, such as pink flamingos, storks and herons.


Fenicotteri nella Riserva di Vendicari – luigi nifosi

The Vendicari Reserve has an anthropological and cultural heritage that goes beyond the tuna factory and the Sveva Tower from the fifteenth century. In the south area, you find the Cittadella Maccari, a Byzantine village from the sixth century AD, the necropolis with various catacombs, and the Byzantine church of Trigona, a church with three apses and a stone dome with an opening to East.

Below, thre is all you need: The routes, flora and fauna, the tuna factory, the Torre Sveva, snorkeling, bird watching, and hiking.

Riserva di Vendicari