Where “Fusion” is born

In Sicily, every meal is full of exciting flavours. What are you waiting for? Be a protagonist, and get ready to put your hands in the dough!

You could prove your skill by trying your hand at pasta alla Norma. A standing ovation is guaranteed. Have you ever tried pasta c’anciova? It is a masterpiece of taste.

We will guide you step by step through the most delicious and tempting Sicilian dishes, such as stockfish ‘a ghiotta or fried cardoons in the batter. Or the most tempting and tasty ones, such as cassata and sfinci di ricotta: little sins of gluttony. If you taste them, you don’t have to apologise. You’ll also enjoy fast and yummy dishes like cunzato bread and the colourful Sicilian blood orange salad.

Don’t be afraid to serve the arancino (or arancina): your guests will surely ask for seconds. You’ll find recipes spiced up with trivia, anecdotes and tips so you can prepare them like a real chef. But nothing is more delicious than grandma’s snacks.

The best way to breathe Sicily’s atmosphere once again is by bringing the flavours, smells and colours of Sicilian recipes to your table.

And we all know that appetite comes with travelling…