A nice tour around the island to see the views is a must. Maybe with a scooter or a bicycle, as Lipari is quite big (its circumference is 40 km long). You can climb the highest peak, Mount Chirica (600 m.) to enjoy a great view of all the archipelago. The island has several towns: Lipari Centro, Piano Conte, Canneto, Quattropani, Acquacalda, Porticello.

Lipari “Belvedere di Quattrocchi” View on Faraglioni and Vulcano – ph. Paolo Barone

Here’s what you can’t miss:

Old Church of Quattropani. It’s possible to enjoy an amazing panorama from here, as you can see all the islands except Vulcano.
The best moment is at sunset, colours, scents and quiet thoughts.

Lipari View from the Church “Quattropani”  ph. Paolo Barone

The baths of San Calogero, the village of Canneto and Acquacalda, for those who like to be alone for a bit, the Cave of pomice and Obsidian.

Lipari Cave of Pomice – ph. Paolo Barone

An unexpected visit is what you will get at the Castle of Lipari. You’ll find here the headquarters of the Bernabò Brea Museum and the archaeological park.

Lipari – ph. Paolo Barone

Spectacular thousand-year old history and culture, a collection of amphoraes, Greek theatre masks and other underwater findings witnesses of the glory and culture of the Greek world on the Aeolian Islands.

There are two natural inlets that work as a reference point: Marina Lunga and Marina Corta. The old town is an irresistible diversion: countless shops and cafés between steep slopes and narrow streets that offer, late at night, live music, delicacies. You should try the hot donuts with ricotta cheese! It makes for a very lively stroll that reaches Marina Corta, where you’ll find the dock of fishing boats, a small fishing village with a beautiful square and the fishermen’s colourful boats. They are ideal places, like the ones in the streets of the city centre, to enjoy a beautiful mulberry granita with cream and brioche. With the evening lights the atmosphere is just magical.

Piccole strade di Lipari (Robianni)

Lipari (Robianni)

Next stages: the Norman Cathedral Basilica, the Benedictine cloister and the old churches of Immacolata Concezione, the Addolorata and Grazie.

Walking tours

Mount Guardia, Mount S. Angelo, Cappero-Semaforo and Pirrera – Forgia Vecchia, where you’ll find one of the island’s extinguished volcanoes.
Boat trip stopping at the sea stack and at Pietra del Bagno.

Landing places

Lipari is connected to Milazzo, Messina, Reggio Calabria (summer), Palermo (summer) and Naples. There are two docking ports: Marina Corta for small boats and Marina Lunga for ships and ferries. There is also a docking port for fishing and leisure boats in Pignataro.