Scala dei turchi


Of the many staircases you may know, this is certainly one of the most unusual. You have already realised that this is not a real staircase, but a spectacular stretch of coastline that has become a Sicilian tourist seascape icon thanks to its special features.

This white cliff is located along the stretch of sea between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle (in the province of Agrigento). Its rock is composed of marl, soft, calcareous, clayey and is a dazzling white. Nature, like a great artist, has worked this material over time, making it softly sinuous with the help of the sea and the salty breeze, forming terraces and smoothing out every angle.

The sea, taking advantage of this sparkling white, shows off its most intense blues and azures.

An interesting fact: the name Scala dei Turchi seems to derive from the fact that in ancient times the ships of Arab and Turkish marauders found shelter in this bay.

Let’s strive to preserve this beautiful landmark. We must not take away a single fragment of this marl. Beware of fines! Its powder has no therapeutic or cosmetic virtues: its power lies in the extraordinary beauty it emanates. So don’t rub it on your skin like Pierrot!

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