How many times have you yearned to enjoy a fully relaxing holiday, to contemplate a beautiful landscape while breathing in clean air and sipping a good glass of Etna DOC?

To stroll through a piazza with open-air bars and get lost in a maze of narrow streets, with your nose in the air, wandering between flowery windowsills and bell towers, noble palaces and rounded balconies, peering into courtyards?

Dreams and desires can come true: it’s time to visit Sicily’s beautiful villages.

These small towns by the sea, surrounded by greenery, nestled in the hinterland or perched on the mountains will offer you what you are looking for, with small curiosities and new discoveries, such as houses carved out of the rock that were inhabited until the last century, or the most famous film set of all time.

In each of the nine Sicilian provinces, you will find the right village for you and, nearby, many other places that may be less renowned but will remain forever in your heart.

These people-friendly places and holidays can be experienced in company and in safety, where the watchword is “unspoiled”, just like your chosen village.

  • Caltanissetta: villages and surroundings

    A visit to Caltanissetta will probably only whet our appetite for the authentic places typical of the Sicilian hinterland. So [...]

  • TINDARI (district of Patti)

    Tindari is a small hamlet in Patti. It is home to one of Sicily's most worshipped Shrines. Many pilgrims arrive [...]

  • Savoca

    Savoca has been awarded among the Borghi di Sicilia più Belli d'Italia. It is located near Messina and is far [...]

  • Marzamemi

    Marzamemi is a small seaside village not far from the famous “baroque queen” Noto. The town has beautiful colours, like [...]

  • Piana degli Albanesi

    Amidst the mills of the Trapani saltpans, you will feel as if you were in Holland. Wandering through the birch [...]

  • Modica

    Modica is surprising, elegant, and mysterious. The best way to explore this town is on foot. You can enjoy walking [...]

  • Grammichele

    Grammichele (Catania) was restored at the behest of the prince of Butera, Carlo Maria Carafa, a scholar, patron, lover of science [...]


    On this tour, we will discover a different side of Sicily. It is an area far away from the coasts, [...]

  • Between sea and mountain: Sant’Angelo di Brolo, Piraino, Gioiosa marea and Gioiosa Guardia

    Close your eyes and imagine to seat on the top of a peak, watching the waves, feeling the Mediterranean breeze, [...]