The paradise extolled by Virgil

Come with us and discover the Plemmirio, the place mentioned by the ancient Roman poet Virgil in his Aeneid, a promontory that plunges into the deep blue of the Ionian Sea and that has named the Marine Protected Area after. This Nature Reserve, established in 2005, south of the island of Ortigia, Siracusa historic center, is one of the UNESCO sites in Sicily.

The sea of ​​Plemmirio laps upon evocative shores like Cape Murro di Porco, Punta Mola, Rive Bianche, Batteria, Terrauzza, Fanusa or the Greek Latomie (anciet quarries.)

It ‘s a real paradise made of 2,500 hectares of salt water and beautiful emerald green seabeds, which have given back many amphorae, planking, shipwrecks and other archaeological finds, now preserved in the Museum “Paolo Orsi” in Syracuse.

Along 15 kilometers of coastline, the sea waters show a wide variety of colours, ranging from emerald green to turquoise blue, with a thousand shades.

We can watch  the rock reflecting  into the water as in a mirror. Small sandy coves among tangles of sharp rocks that make us long for the right shoes when walking barefoot, trying to jump from one rock to another. We can see sea urchins, mussels and thousands of colorful fishes or “riule”, as the locals call them.

The Marine Protected area of ​​Plemmirio has 35 accesses to the sea, some of them provided with ecological wooden platforms, harmoniously inserted in the natural scenery , that make them suitable for disabled people too.

Let’s choose what to do: trekking, bird watching, Deep Water Soloingsnorkeling or just walking among rocks, quarries and cliffs just to unwind a little bit

We walk and breathe the iodine released by the sea spray, in the midst of so many rupestral plants, until we reach the vast stretches of Mediterranean scrubland with plenty of dwarf palms.
Luxuriant at Capo Murro di Porco, the dwarf palm is the only spontaneous species in Europe.

And finally we arrive here, where the lighthouse stands, a symbol of this paradise.

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