Sicily not to be missed

The flavours, shapes, scents and colours of Sicilian food represent the true pleasure of the table.

Cannoli, sfinci and cassata enhance the authenticity and uniqueness of local ricotta cheese. Taste one of the many granita flavours, accompanied by a hot brioche. You’ll find out it’s the best in the world!

Sicilian delicacies are renowned all over the world. The almond is the queen of Avola, the green gold of the pistachio comes from Bronte, the Pachino tomato cherishes every ray of sunshine in its pulp.

Between sweet and salty food, we find the juiciest blood oranges. Red is the gold contained in the flower of the finest saffron. The oil of Sicily instead is pure gold, with its countless varieties perfect for every occasion.

The textures of Sicilian meats are inimitable and therefore highly sought after, such as the Nebrodi black pig. Often mushrooms and truffles are used to enrich meat’s flavour.

Visiting the local markets will be the best way to deeply discover the tasty, spicy and most authentic flavours of Sicilian street food. Sicilian street food is among the most celebrated, and its main symbol is the arancin of contention, which is loved and appreciated all over the world.

Sicily is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet and will surprise you with a thousand combinations of poor ingredients that enrich vegetarian menus.

And if you are wondering whether Sicily is the right destination for you, you will find the answer in a glass of local wine. Discover all the flavours of your happy island.