Sporty holiday


Sicily is a natural gym, the perfect place to train 365 days a year.

If you love sport and exercise in general, you have one more reason to visit the island: the Active Beds, facilities dedicated to your sporting passion and active holiday in Sicily, with ad hoc facilities and services.

Active Sicily facilities are every sportsman’s dream. They offer up-to-date information on everything concerning the world of sport and related interests, put you in touch with professionals and instructors in the area, and, if your accommodation permits, pamper you when you wake up with an Early Breakfast, a nutritionally balanced breakfast designed for you in collaboration with the nutritionists of the University of Palermo’s School of Specialisation in Food Science.

The holiday with an “extra gear”? Active Bike Beds welcome cycle tourists from all over the world with dedicated services for two-wheelers (such as secure storage), while Active Trek Beds provide walkers with free trekking poles and access to a walking route directly from the hotel.

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