Way of Saint Felix of Nicosia


A trek, a path of psychophysical well-being, a pilgrimage of faith and an experience of “slow tourism”. All this is the Way of Saint Felix of Nicosia, as traced out by the Capuchin friars. A historical path, also traditionally practised on horseback by the faithful who, in the month of August, rode from Tusa to Nicosia, the saint’s birthplace, crossing the municipalities of the Costa Alesina and the provinces of Messina and Enna.

Today’s Way of Saint Felix of Nicosia partly traces the route of the ancient pilgrimage on horseback, covering a total distance of 60 km over three or four days, in 4 stages, depending on personal interest and level of training. Along the route one enjoys a variety of natural landscapes, from the Madonie to the Nebrodi, that fills the heart and spirit.

The starting point of the Way of Saint Felix from Nicosia is the former Convent of the Capuchins in Tusa (ME), a town that is worth a visit for its artistic beauty and the opportunity to experience the sea and the mountains. The gem not to be missed? The ecomuseum of land art Fiumara d’Arte, the work of artist Antonio Presti. After passing through a stretch of woodland, we reach Pettineo, the arrival point of the first stage.

After a visit to the historical centre of Pettineo (ME), with the ruins of the Tower of Sant’Antonio and the annexed small church, the Saint Felix Walk from Nicosia continues in the direction of the coastal town of Motta d’Affermo (ME), an intermediate stop, to arrive at the medieval village of Mistretta (ME).

Mistretta, known as the “Saddle of the Nebrodi” because it straddles the woods halfway between Messina and Palermo, was the “Imperial City” of Frederick II, as can be seen from the remains of the castle, historic buildings and ancient churches. We take the road that leads to the Sambughetti-Campanito Nature Reserve (Municipality of Cerami, in the province of Enna) and discover an Eden with rocky views and small lakes, perfect for meditation and prayer, as well as an overnight stay.

Fourth and final stop on the San Felice Route, the saint’s birthplace, Nicosia (EN), and the Capuchin Convent. The so-called “City of the 24 Barons” is rich in history and monuments, such as the sumptuous Cathedral of San Nicolò, and the birthplace of the man who, in his century, was called Filippo Giacomo Amoruso (1715-1787) and who today is the inspiration behind this enthralling pilgrimage.

Find out more on the Way of Saint Felix of Nicosia website.

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