• Feast of Sant’Agatha in Catania

    From the 3rd to the 5th of February, Catania dedicates a great festival to its Patron Saint: Sant'Agata. The celebration [...]

  • Holy Week in Sicily: the religious rituals not to be missed.

    As Leonardo Sciascia wrote: “In every town, in Sicily, the Passion of Christ is represented through heartfelt performances. People or [...]

  • The Magna Via Francigena

    The Magna Via Francigena, the great road of the Frankish knights, retraces the ancient road connecting Agrigento and Palermo, which [...]

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    The renowned Sicilian desserts tastes best on special occasions. At Easter, on the feast that coincides with spring, on the [...]


    There is a different way of travelling. It is a way that is as old as mankind, but it always [...]


    Calascibetta, close to Enna, is a small wonderful town in the heart of Sicily. It is one of the towns [...]

  • Castroreale

    The "very faithful" town of Frederick II of Aragon, perched on the north-western Peloritani mountains, is beautiful and fascinating with [...]


    Buccheri is one hours' drive from Syracuse. It is the highest town in the Hyblean Mountains, a stopover on the [...]

  • The Way of the Friars

    A suggestion of a 166 km long journey that starts […]