Each place is a gem of rare wonder

Offerings you can’t refuse, for all tastes and all senses: this is the meaning of Sicilian inspiration, which always pushes the right buttons. Each proposal includes unmissable activities selected to help you build a trip that lives up to your desires!

Palermo, Catania and Syracuse await you for a journey marked by faith, with saints Rosalia, Agata and Lucia. Then there are the gastronomic delicacies, including arancini, cannoli, cassata and incomparable recipes, ancient and noble stories, excellent art and monuments and breath-taking landscapes.

In eastern Sicily, the fabulous “Pearl of the Ionian” is awaiting your visit: Taormina is a popular destination for international tourism and synonymous with the “good life”. A walk on Corso Umberto among elegant shops and outdoor bars, a visit the Greek Theatre, a cable car trip down to the fantastic Isola Bella and an excursion to the top of the nearby village of Castelmola will remain impressed on your soul.

In Agrigento you can eat a “pecorino” ice cream while walking on the Via Atenea, parade among the gargoyles of the magnificent buildings, to go on then admire the most captivating sunset of all time in the famous Valley of the Temples.

In Messina you will discover the Cathedral that houses the largest polyphonic organ in Europe, a medieval treasure and the most complex mechanical astronomical clock in the world. You will admire artistic fountains that tell the mythological tales of Scylla and Charybdis and your eyes will boggle at the largest port in the Mediterranean, touching the sea of the Strait. You will sample the tastiest swordfish here.

From the Tyrrhenian coast you can set sail to conquer the seven sisters, the Aeolian Islands!

Ragusa is a city of two souls: the modern city and the enchanting Ibla, its baroque “living room”, which will lead you to the Cathedral of San Giorgio between alleys and magic. Your palate will be delighted by the famous scacce (stuffed flatbreads) and mpanatigghi biscuits that magically combine veal fillet and local chocolate.

In Trapani you can experience the fascinating “Procession of the Mysteries”, go to the Mozia island museum and experience full communion with nature in the salt pans of Marsala and in the “Riserva dello Zingaro”, before then retiring to the medieval atmosphere of Erice, but not before having tasted dishes made from red shrimp and “vastedda”.

From the port, you can reach the wonderful Egadi Islands quickly.

And speaking of islands, we couldn’t leave out the “black pearl” Pantelleria, the extraordinary seabeds of Ustica and the crystal clear waters of Pelagie.

The inland of Enna will inspire all the emotions of the highest capital in Europe with a magnificent panorama of the Rocca di Cerere, the Castle of Lombardia and the Tower of Federico. The fresh waters of Lake Pergusa are home to migratory birds and very rare fauna.

In Caltanissetta, don’t miss the fifteenth century works of art in the Diocesan Museum, the historic church of Santo Spirito and the Rocca delle Donne, which dominates the city.