The Apennine chain of the Madonie, in the province of Palermo, spans twenty-one Sicilian municipalities and ideally exhibits four aces at the gaming table touring the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Cefalù, known as the "land of myth", with its Arabic allusions and its blend of emotions, from the Rocca to the sea. Gangi, which scatters its mountain scent about and won the village "shield" in 2014.Geraci Siculo, with the stories of "saints and madonnas on the Madonie". Petralia Soprana, the "rock of rocks", elected "village of villages" in 2018.

Proceeding slowly along the paths of the protected natural area, the infinite wonders of these mountains, which are the highest in Sicily after Mount Etna, will be unveiled before your eyes.

Here you can learn the secrets and features of craftsmanship, including fine majolica and ancient yarn patterns, as well as experience the spiritual and monastic life associated with a mediaeval atmosphere and marvel at the architectural and artistic magnificence of Castelbuono with its fabulous castle and the most fashionable and tasty panettones on the island, even the biblical taste of manna, in an infinite sequence of traditions and festivals that evoke ways of life that remain fascinating.

From Pizzo Carbonara, which is 1979 metres above sea level, there’s a view that stretches out into infinity.

Not only is the eye involved, but even the tastebuds, too: you don’t leave the Madonie without tasting the “badda” beans, meat flavoured with wild fennel and delicious cheeses, like provola and caciocavallo.

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