• Isola delle Femmine – Itinerary west of the islet

    Explore the underwater itinerary on the western side of the islet of Isola delle Femmine, easily reached in a few [...]

  • Isola delle Femmine – Itinerary east of the islet

    Explore the fascinating underwater itinerary east of the islet of Isola delle Femmine, just a five-minute boat ride from the [...]

  • Siracusa – Le Mazzere

    Explore the underwater wonders of the Plemmirio Marine Reserve with this underwater route. Accessible from the mooring buoy, it offers [...]

  • Scopello – Itinerary of the Faraglioni

    The Faraglioni of Scopello, ancient guardians of the Sicilian coastline, offer a natural shelter against the winds and sea currents. [...]

  • San Vito Lo Capo – Kent Wreck

    Nestled between the picturesque Punta Spadillo and Punta Forbice, this destination is easily accessible by sea, half a mile from [...]

  • San Vito Lo Capo – Wreck of the Millstones

    This site, devoid of ancient structures, offers a unique experience thanks to its characteristics of an ancient harbour landing. Here, [...]

  • San Vito Lo Capo – Wreck of the Amphoras

    Capo San Vito, with its iconic lighthouse, offers breathtaking scenery on a rocky promontory exposed to the winds. The area [...]

  • Levanzo – Cala Minnola

    In the first half of the 1st century BC, opposite Cala Minnola on the island of Levanzo, a Roman ship [...]

  • Marettimo – Wreck of the Cannons

    Located at the north end of Punta Libeccio, near Cala Spalmatore, the wreck of an 18th century warship offers an [...]