The Apennine Nebrodi mountain range includes the largest protected area in Sicily and represents the link between the provinces of Messina, Catania and Enna.

The island’s green space is a continuous stretch of green heights overlooking the sea, which rise suddenly up to 1600 metres and then drop down via medium slopes towards the backcountry. Dense forests, the greatest of which is Mangalaviti, rivers and streams, rare flora and fauna enliven an extraordinarily complex ecosystem, one dominated by golden eagles and griffin vultures that fly over the Rocche del Crasto, the Mesozoic limestone rocks.

Monte Soro, Lago di Ancipa or Sartori, Lago Biviere and the spectacularCascate del Catafurco waterfall, whose waters feed the Marmitta dei Giganti where you can experience the thrill of an invigorating and unforgettable swim in the pursuit of well-being. These are just some of the excellent spots on offer..

The Nebrodi are also known as the land of fawns, which these mountains were once teeming with and where mysterious cults were practiced in honour of Dionysus under the cover of darkness.

In the 24 municipalities, each one a treasure in this fantastic part of Sicily, there are many works and places that are important in urban, architectural and monumental terms, including castles, churches, mills and obelisks. They’re all worth a visit. Among the most beautiful Sicilian villages in Italy are San Marco d’Alunzio, a landmark for art history, and Troina, the island’s original Norman capital.

There are six equipped areas set up to experience things in harmony with nature. Moreover, if your ideal holiday can’t do with out sport, here you can practice climbing, canyoning, trekking and tours – discovering the enchanting Grotto del Lauro is unmissable – all with different difficult levels.

You can’t finish you trip without tasting the culinary wonders that make this fantastic region stand out. The intense flavour of Nebrodi black pork salami is now the most appreciated in the world. Cheeses are all the rage: Mallorcan cheese is a slow food product and the types of traditional canestrato, ricotta and canestrato, ricotta and Provola dei Nebrodi PDO are in great demand. The most sought-after local products are even more directly tied to the land, from Bronte pistachio, eaten all over the world to Valdemone PDO extra virgin olive oil[link to Oil in Sicily], from delicious honey to strawberries, not forgetting to taste the hazelnuts and sweet pastries created with these nuts.

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