Tusa is the perfect tourist destination. It is a town of art, sea and mountains. Its characteristics blend, creating a rare beauty tourist ensemble.

Tusa is the gateway to the Nebrodi between Palermo and Messina. It is on a hill close to the sea. Downstream is the hamlet of Castel di Tusa where we find one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, touched by crystal clear waters.

Tusa is the perfect place to explore Fiumara d’Arte and its open-air works. The artistic project belongs to the artist Antonio Presti. These works have great evocative intensity and enrich the whole territory. Shapes, colours, symbols: each element aims to amaze the observer. Visiting the Fiumara D’arte is like entering into another dimension.

The works are located in different places, and the best way to visit them is by motorbike (Tour della Fiumana D’Arte), enjoying the Fiumara D’arte tour. From the beach of Castel di Tusa, looking at the headland, we can see the 38° Parallelo-Piramide (38th Parallel Pyramid). In the area of Tusa, you can admire La materia poteva non esserci (The material might not be there). The Monument to a Dead Poet (in the municipality of Reitano), also known as the “Window on the Sea“, and the Labyrinth of Ariadne (in Castel di Lucio) will leave you speechless.

A winding road leads to the centre of Tusa. Ancient buildings overlooking the square have been renewed and upgraded, creating a charming atmosphere.

Tusa is also known for its many religious buildings located all over the town. The Mother Church dedicated to Maria SS Assunta is worth a visit. The church was rebuilt in the 18th century on the ancient 16th-century plan. Inside, we can see the high altar with a stunning marble triptych by Gagini. We recommend a tour to discover also the Churches of Sant’Antonio Abate, San Giovanni Battista, San Nicola di Bari, San Michele Arcangelo, Santa Caterina d’Alessandria and Santa Maria di Loreto.

In Tusa, we begin the route that leads to the Archaeological Park of Tindari. In Contrada Santa Maria delle Palate, we visit the church and the former monastery. They are located on the hill where stood the ancient Halaesa Arconidea, the Sicilian-Greek city founded in the 5th century BC.

We can’t go without stopping to watch the sunset from the belvedere overlooking the valley and the sea. Here we can sip a drink in total relaxation.

Castel di Tusa also gives strong feelings. Lampare beach, in the seaside district, has been Blue Flag for several years.

The heavenly beach is made of pebbles, and we recommend wearing rubber shoes. A large rock shaped by erosion seems like a silent guardian, watching over all the surrounding beauty.

The small fishing village adds marvel to the setting for this picturesque and enchanting place, perfect for finding peace of mind. You can freely park your car along the road.

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