Underwater archaeology routes


Are you passionate about the deep sea? Do you like discovering new underwater treasures? There are twenty-one underwater routes in Sicily. Some of these routes are for certified divers, but also simple snorkelling fans can enjoy these underwaters excursions. To recognise the numerous tours options,look at the buoys identifying the different experiences.

Let’s start with the minor islands.

In Ustica, there are two itineraries. In the first one, we can discover anchors from various eras; in the second, it is possible to dive down to a 30 metres depth to observe anchors and amphorae.

In Pantelleria, there are five itineraries of different difficulty levels. It is possible to descend from 15 to 30 metres and observe amphorae, anchors, millstones and a wreck.

In the Aeolian Islands, we can dive into the waters of Panarea and observe a Roman fish pool at a depth of a few metres. In Filicudi, instead, we can explore some wrecks loaded with amphorae.

On the Egadi Islands, in Cala Minnola, it is possible to dive on a load of amphorae from a Roman wreck dating back to the 1st century B. C. while in Marettimo, at a depth of 15 m, we can admire the cannons of an 18th-century shipwreck. Almost in front of Marsala, it is possible to visit a submerged cargo. Still in the Trapani area, at San Vito Lo Capo, at a depth of 15 metres, we can admire a load of lava stone millstones and a sunken wreck from the 1970s (this, however, is at a depth of 40 m).

Along the northern coast of Sicily, in Scopello, Mongerbino and Cefalù, qualified divers can visit medieval remains, tuna fishery anchors and a pier submerged in the 4th century AD.

Moving on to the southern tip of Sicily, in Marzamemi (SR), at a few meters in-depth, we can see Roman columns from the 3rd century AD. They are really huge: about six and a half metres long by two metres in diameter. A few kilometres away, in Portopalo di Capo Passero, at a depth of 7 metres, it is possible to observe an impressive load of marble. Not far away, at a depth of 40 metres, we also discover other wrecks of Greek amphorae.

In the depths of Taormina, we find Thirty-seven columns dating from the 2nd century AD. Finally, still on the east coast, in Acitrezza, we discover an underwater experience for the blinds. A special route, developing at a depth of about 18 metres, where the blinds can touch the reproductions of resin amphora. Tags made using the Braille system help to identify the wrecks.

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