Motorcycle itineraries in the province of Palermo


Shall we embark on an adventure? Hot, cool, wind in your face, scents. Everything a motorcyclist could wish for!

In these seven itineraries, which rigorously avoid fast roads, we will cross landscapes and places with “daisy” routes (as our author likes to say), some with a base in Palermo and return in the same day, and others with a comfortable stay of one or more nights in other places. The trip duration depends only on how long we want to stop and take photos, enjoy a meal in a trattoria or simply explore the surroundings.

Two of the seven itineraries involve unpaved roads and, since not all motorbikes are suitable, you should follow the notes of the individual programmes. For each route, in addition to the description, a road-book, road map and useful information are provided.

Download the itineraries PDF

Note: The brochure contains information on telephone numbers and addresses of accommodation facilities, which are subject to change over time.

So saddle up and bon voyage!

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