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The Transversal Sicula retraces on foot the itinerary of the Ancient Transversal Sicula that connected, and connects, the Greek Kamarina and Morgantina and the Carthaginian Mozia.

A system of 577 Kilometres in the Sicilian hinterland from Bourbon “Regie Trazzere” and abandoned railway tracks, through the ancient roads of wine, wheat, salt, oil, honey and sulfur, passing through the main settlements and sanctuaries: Greek, Siculi, Sicani, Elimi to the Carthaginians, many of which are recognized by UNESCO for their uniqueness.

It goes through the most significant settlements of the pre-Roman populations of Sicily. Starting from Kamarina you reach the ancient Via Selinuntina and the site of Pantalica; from there it crosses the saltus camarinensis near Licodia Eubea and then heads towards the Sicilian sanctuary of Palikè. Then it goes to Morgantina, Lake Pergusa, Enna, Hyppana (near Prizzi), Entella and Segesta, until it reaches Mozia.

A journey through history but also in perfumes, in landscapes that witness different cultures and evocative places, among ancient disused railways, nature reserves and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

On foot, in Sicily, for over 40 days in a tent and/ or guests of Municipalities and Associations, you can cross 37 locations near towns and villages, coast and hinterland:

Kamarina (Scoglitti), Castello di Donnafugata (Ragusa), Comiso, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Giarratana, Palazzolo Acreide, Cassaro, Sortino (Pantalica), Ferla, Buccheri, Vizzini, Licodia Eubea, Grammichele, Mineo, Palagonia, Ramacca, Aidone (Morgantina), Valguarnera Caropepe, Pergusa Lake, Enna, Calascibetta, Villarosa, Villapriolo, Alimena, Resuttano, Vallelunga Pratameno, Castronovo di Sicilia, Prizzi, Hyppana, Corleone, Campofiorito, Contessa Entellina, Poggioreale, Santa Ninfa, Nuova Gibellina, Salemi, Calatafimi Segesta, Fulgatore, Mozia.

Edited by LabGis Osservatorio Turistico Regione Siciliana in collaboration with

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The charm of Ancient Transversal Sicula in an interactive webmap.

Il fascino dell’Antica Trasversale Sicula in una webmap interattiva

Regional web map of the Ancient Transversal Sicula edit by LabGis Osservatorio Turistico  of the Sicilian Region
in collaboration with FIAB Sicilia and CAI Sicilia