Sicilian hinterland


The hinterland of Sicily, the heart of the island, is little known. Here the perception of time, the contact with the local people takes place in a natural and wonderful way. Many cultural expressions and age-old traditions, many archaeological, architectural and natural treasures await you here.

From the slopes of Mount Etna to the Simeto Nature Reserve, rich in lava caves, waterfalls, rapids and small lakes. From the Piana degli Albanesi Lake, teeming with life, to Ficuzza wood, to find ourselves in the heart of the Madonie Park, dotted with small towns whose slow pace will make you want to never leave.

Enna, the highest town in Italy, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the whole of Sicily. Caltanissetta with its historical centre rich in Renaissance and Baroque monuments.

Sutera, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The Teatro di Andromeda in Santo Stefano Quisquina is a magical place surrounded by the bucolic landscape of the Monti Sicani.

Even though you are in the centre of Sicily, far from the coast, you will enjoy the incredible and privileged view of the Aeolian Islands, and only then will you realise that you have just completed a journey to discover the most extraordinary and probably the most authentic Sicily.

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