Sailing Sicily: from Milazzo to Vulcano


Vulcano is a must stop on a sailing tour of the Aeolian Islands. It is the closest island to Milazzo and this makes it the ideal destination for those who have very little time. If you are travelling with a large family or with a group of friends, we recommend renting a sailboat from a charter company with professional skippers and hostesses.

Starting early in the morning from the port of Santa Maria Maggiore in Milazzo, after about 3 hours of sailing, you will reach the island of Vulcano. Stop in the bay on the southern coast of the island, which is sheltered from the winds that generally blow from the north, and enjoy a nice swim in the crystal clear waters of the Gelso Beach. From this black and sandy beach, which is dominated by a picturesque lighthouse, we can see the Saracen coast and even Etna.

Later, you can decide with the skipper to head north-west of the island, towards the Grotta del Cavallo, which gets its name because it was once populated by sea horses. On the left the view opens up to reveal the Pool of Venus: take a bath in this natural pool with clear and shallow waters. Legend has it that the goddess of love dived in to regain her lost virginity.

In the afternoon, after a lunch prepared by the boat crew, sail on to the Beach of Fumarole and the Fanghi area, near the Port of Levante. Here you will find yourself in a real natural Spa: the beach is known for its waters, which are heated by sulphur vapor bubbles that can reach very high temperatures, with active fumaroles that come up to just a few metres below sea level. The Fanghi area, on the other hand, is characterised by the intense smell of sulphur emanations, and is renowned for its therapeutic purposes and for taking care of the body.

For a considerably more complete and relaxing holiday, check out the six-day itinerary.

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