For those who want to have outdoor fun , experiencing the thrill of climbing and defy gravity, adventure parks are a dynamic reality in the Sicilian countryside. Courses suspended between tall trees or among the rocks, with levels suitable for children and adults. Routes where you move freely under careful monitoring and assistance of qualified staff. At the park we have everything you need, harnesses, carabiners, pulleys and much more reduce the risk of getting hurt to zero.

Adventure Parks in Sicily:

Bosco D’Alcamo – Alcamo (Trapani)
The Bosco D’Alcamo Adventure Park is the adventure park for children and adults, designed and built for those who want to experience the adventure of nature without fear of getting bored.

Eco-campus Casaboli  – Pioppo (Palermo)
Acrobatic paths for all, child and adult. Hiking, climbing, experiential and creative workshops, orienteering, summer camp for children or families. It’s also possible to eat out in the wood or make barbecue.

Etna Avventura Serra La Nave – Etna Nicolosi (Catania)
It has a series of trails in the trees, placed at different heights from the ground and differentiated by increasing difficulty and physical effort. The courses consist of a series of platforms interspersed with Tibetan bridges Chinese bridges, vines, walkways of various kinds and Tyrolean traverses; this enables everyone, young and old, to test their courage and their skills in complete safety. Before going along the routes, the specialised staff provides and makes users wear the individual safety devices: harness, helmet, lanyards, carabiners and pulleys.

Monti Rossi Adventure Park Etna Nicolosi (Catania)
The Adventure Park of the Nicolosi Monti Rossi Adventure Park awaits you with many new activities, adventure trails for all ages, educational workshops, games of balance, nature trails, guided tours to discover the special features of the extinguished volcanic cone that hosts us: the Monti Rossi!! Hovering between the treetops has never been so much fun, balancing on a log, slipping silently hung from a pulley or tackling the excitement of a trail upside down safely and with respect for nature.

Nebrodi Adventure Park – Longi (Messina)
It is the first Adventure Park in the province of Messina and it is a pleasant, fun and exciting way to discover the beauty of nature and the beautiful scenery typical of Nebrodi mountain area. It was designed for enthusiasts of all ages who have the chance to enjoy direct contact with a healthy environment and to breathe clean air.

Parco Avventura Antiche Solfare – San Cataldo (Caltanissetta)
Adventur Park, archery and orienteering.

Parco Avventura Etna Etna Milo (Catania)
The Etna adventure Park is situated into the Parco Scarbaglio of Milo. Acrobatics paths for childrens and adults, bar, pic-nisc area with barbecues. Hiking and canyoning.

Parco Avventura Madonie – Petralia Sottana (Palermo)
The park, inlaid in a wood of chestnut and pine trees, has adventure trails suitable for all ages. It would be challenging to go through it dealing with all different routes from the easiest to the most difficult. Big picnic area with tables, grill and barbeque included.

Parcallario – Bucchieri (Siracusa)
Parcallario is the first adventure park in the heart of south-eastern Sicily. It is located within a large green area “Bosco di Santa Maria” which is full of pine, oak and chestnut trees. Here awaits you a breathtaking adventure in the beautiful setting of the Hyblaean Mountains, entertainment, nature and good food for a day out among the trees and on the trees

Parco Natura Avventura Finestrelle – Santa Ninfa (Trapani)
The last generation of Adventure Park, is located in “Finestrelle Wood” close Santa Ninfa. In addition to the paths suspended between trees you can hike, mtb and harchery.

Pozzillo Avventura – Regalbuto (Enna)
Pozzillo Adventure arrange activities for Scout, Grest and summer camps. Hiking, climbing, experiential and creative workshops. You can use cableways to cross the Pozzillo Lake (350 m).

Web map of adventure parks, outdoor activities and beaches in Sicily created by LabGis Osservatorio Turistico of Regione Siciliana