Among the most exciting activities to do in Sicily, Canyoning (or Torrentismo) gives us the chance to explore watercourses that flow through narrow gorges carved into the rock.

It is a team sport, which strengthens teamwork and cooperation between the participants.

In canyoning, you have to cross waterfalls with the help of ropes or by diving into the water, venture into climbing passages and it may happen to take a short swim to reach the shore.

While having fun together, the reward is the contact with lush nature, far from stress and the hustle and bustle of the city. Nothing but water, rock and light.

The equipment ( it is usually provided by the associations that organise the excursions) includes a canyoning suit to protect you from the cold water of the river, sneakers or trekking shoes, neoprene boots, helmets, harnesses, self-floating waistcoats, rope and carabiners.

In Sicily, you can go canyoning in the Alcantara Gorges, in the Nebrodi Mountains at Stretta di Longi and in the Sosio Valley, around Taormina, near Ficuzza (Gole del drago) in the province of Palermo, in the Syracuse rivers of Anapo and Cassibile.

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