Canyoning consists of going down narrow gorges (canyons) through which small streams flow.

Unlike other water sports which it’s often mixed up with (rafting, kayaking, hydro speed, or canoeing because of the similar name) the river walk is made on foot, without the help of a raft or a canoe.


In canyoning, the way down is made by  following the stream of water, from the top of the mountain through the valley,  walking, swimming or letting the water carry you, passing different drops that create waterfalls and slides, through thrilling descents with rope or, if possible, diving or sliding, like in tanks of crystal water.

The streams with these features suitable for canyoning are wild and unspoiled, beautiful and charming. They are perfect for experiencing unforgettable adventures in nature.

In Sicily, we can go canyoning in the Gorges of Alcantara in Messina in general, in the Siracusa: rivers Anapo, Cassibile, as well as in Nebrodi in Stretta di Longi or in the Valley of Sosio.

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