Bioparco di Sicilia


In Villagrazia di Carini, a few kilometres from Palermo, the Bioparco di Sicilia is a small corner of paradise for adults and children.

A whole world is immersed in a lush botanic garden spanning 60,000 sqm, within which a path accompanies us along the conceptual journey of the evolution of life on earth. (And if botany is your passion, check out the botanical gardens and other surprises Sicily has in store for you!)

There are many attractions at the Bioparco: the Land of Dinosaurs, with over 20 life-size reconstructed dinosaur models; the Madeira Greenhouse filled with tropical plants and the fascinating Terrarium with various species of living reptiles; the Aquarium with fresh and salt water fish; Primitive Man, the study of fossils and minerals, the Italian Farm, the Journey to discover the continents and finally the Zoo.

Here you can meet numerous rare species of animals immersed in a wildlife paradise created for their well-being and their protection.

The Bioparco is not a living museum, it is a place where the conservation of endangered fauna is a priority and biodiversity is considered an asset.

We will encounter more than 57 different species, from llamas to Grant's zebras, Bennet wallabies to Sicilian grey donkeys, monkeys, chimpanzees, meerkats and Tibetan goats.

The colours of Lady Amherst's pheasant, the cuteness of the guinea pigs and the nobility of the black swan guarantee an exciting day.

The staff of vets ensures that all animals follow a customised diet and are monitored by qualified personnel.

Outdoor fun is provided in the three play areas equipped with swings, slides, see-saws, a giant chess set and small merry-go-rounds.

There are several picnic areas in the park where you can have a packed lunch in peace under the shade of the trees.

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