The Sicilian cooking is rich in naturally gluten-free food, such as such fish and seafood…

The Italian Coeliac Association has realized the project “Food outside home” to offer tourists following gluten free diet a suitable service during their holidays

Just connect to the AIC website and find all the accommodations and restaurants that meet these dietary needs. They all have attended specific courses to enter the AFC network

Eating at an AFC restaurant or bar means having breakfast with gluten free biscuits, eating a pizza or an ice cream with waffle, knowing that they are made with gluten-free raw materials and that they have been prepared without any contamination.  

The Sicilian cooking meets these needs because its tradition is rich in naturally gluten-free food, such as such fish and seafood. Speaking about fish, very famous is tuna from Favignana island, a very beautiful island near Trapani with many shops and high quality accommodations, many of them paying close attention to customers suffering from coeliac disease.

A good idea is having breakfast with an handmade granita, a typical Sicilian dessert among the most famous. Also in this case, be sure that the tools used to prepare it are not contaminated, just checking that the bar has joined the “AFC” project.

Many good restaurants, offering a gluten-free cooking, are all over the island: from the big cities to the small villages, where restaurants are often located by the sea..

For the street food lovers, no problem: there are lots of workshops involved in the project, especially in Palermo, where you can eat the typical “panelle”, fried chickpeas pancakes, and “crocchè” in Sicilian language “cazzilli”, a sort of potatoes croquettes often served with “panelle”.

For more information about the bars and restaurants adhering to AFC, you can contact the AIC Sicilian Regional Secretary : phone number: (+39) 090 336947 or e-mail to