The flavours, shapes, scents and colours of Sicilian food have become symbols of overwhelming pleasure all over the world.

The outstanding desserts include cannolo  and cassata, which bring out the freshness and authenticity of local ricotta. Granita, which does not include ice here, reveals itself in all its creaminess. It can be difficult to choose between the many flavours and it is so delicious it can even give the best homemade ice cream a run for its money. Never alone: it should be accompanied by an aromatic hot brioche, and strictly with a “tuppo” (nobble).

Almonds , another of the island’s points of pride, are used to make the paste that is often chosen as a sweet souvenir by those visiting a distant friend. It is also the basis for a thirst-quenching and sumptuous milk and the choreographic creations of martorana fruit, which add life to the windows of the pastry shops and amuse tourists and passers-by.

In Sicily there are many delicacies rooted in tradition and faith, which become beloved symbols before they being consumed.

Bridging sweet and savoury, the juiciest red oranges come from the countryside most beloved by the sun, while the most famous pistachios, those from Bronte, now dominate the culinary scene thanks to their gastronomic flexibility, which ranges from their use as sweet cream in desserts to the intense pestos that bring together ancient grains [link to Sicilian Ancient Grains] in the form of inimitable first courses.

A treasure trove of flavours: from Bronte’s green gold to the finest red gold, Saffron, which seduces the palate and inspires you to dream. And digging in the undergrowth, precious jewels and nuggets emerge: mushrooms and truffles .

An icon of Sicilianness, arancin*  has a name that divides people but its taste brings everyone together: it is a rice-based wonder, an essential fried delicacy and the pinnacle of Sicilian street food.

Sicily is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet , which has always been the healthiest and most varied approach to food. It also brings out the best of fish and vegetables through caponata and parmigiana, as well as pickles and infinite speciality dishes, in which the Pachino tomato reigns supreme.

In Sicily, the dinner table becomes a “stage” for exhilarating flavours: one case in point is pasta alla Norma , made with tomato sauce and fried aubergines, and so named because it is considered sublime like the work of the same name by the “Swan”, the composer Vincenzo Bellini.

Meat from historic farms, such as the Nebrodi black pig, rounds off rich and surprisingly impeccable menus.

The price of Sicilian wines is rising rapidly, as the product becomes increasingly sincere, intoxicating and versatile. It serves as an invitation to savour this island in small sips, with a glass in your hand and lightness in your heart.

Walking along the nostalgic paths of taste you will find that even dipping bread in oil proves why you will never have enough of Sicily.

Visiting the local markets will be the best way to deeply discover the tasty, spicy and most authentic flavours of Sicilian street food. Sicilian street food is among the most celebrated, and its main symbol is the arancin* of contention, which is loved and appreciated all over the world.

Sicily is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet and will surprise you witha thousand combinations of poor ingredients that enrich vegetarian menus.

And if you are wondering whether Sicily is the right destination for you, you will find the answer in a glass of local wine.

Discover all the flavours of your happy island.

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