Gluten-free Sicily


Sicilian cuisine is rich in “naturally” gluten-free dishes, such as fish and seafood.

The Associazione Italiana Celiachia, the Italian Coeliac Society, has designed the “Alimentazione Fuori Casa” [Literally: Food Outside Home] project so that services meeting their dietary requirements are available to people on gluten-free diets when they're on holiday.

If you visit the AIC website you'll be able to identify the accommodation facilities which respect these dietary requirements and have taken specific courses in order to be part of the AFC network.

If they’re a member of the “AFC” project, you can have gluten-free biscuits for breakfast, and you can eat pizza or an ice cream with a wafer knowing that they were made with gluten-free raw materials and were prepared without any contamination.

Sicilian cuisine meets these needs. Traditional products which are gluten-free include the renowned tuna from Favignana, a beautiful island near Trapani. The island has plenty of high-quality businesses and accommodation facilities, many of which provide for coeliac clients.

One excellent idea is to have a homemade granita for breakfast, one Sicily’s best-known products. You can again check that the establishment you’ve chosen is signed up to the “AFC” project, in order to be sure that the equipment used has not been contaminated.

There are good restaurants offering information on gluten-free cuisine all over the island: from the large cities to the small villages, where the restaurants are often located on the seashore.

If you’re a fan of street food don’t worry: there are numerous artisan establishments which have signed up to the AFC project, especially in Palermo. Here you can savour panelle e crocchè, the local chickpea fritters and potato croquettes.

Find out about Greener Sicilian cookery too: Sicily can satisfy all your desires…including at the table!

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