Freshly produced homemade sauce is the secret recipe that makes every Sicilian dish so special. From arancine (or arancini?!) to macaroni rolls with fried aubergines, to her majesty the parmigiana it is the sauce that enhances the flavours. The finest food in Sicily is home-made, organic and produced from very local ingredients.

It is a tradition in Sicily to share exquisite food, it is a fabulous experience and a way to gather the family together. If you love to immerse yourself in everyday life on your travels, experiencing local customs and traditions, then Sicily, with its rural hamlets, is the perfect destination for you.

The making of fresh homemade sauce is a family affair. A large quantities of tomatoes bought from the local producer or grown in the garden are needed to produce enough sauce for the whole year.

It is a process that requires a lot of attention. The raw ingredients – tomatoes, basil, onion, sometimes chilli pepper – are carefully washed; the glass containers and the tools used, the bottles and jars are sterilised. Some people still prefer to use a hand operated tomato squeezer and elbow grease, instead of using an electric machine.

Everything boils like volcanic lava in a big pot (in Sicilian dialect a quadara or u menzu aranciu) and is constantly stirred.

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