Sicily, fairy tale nature


In Sicily, nature is a dream you can experience with your eyes open, a fairy tale that becomes reality, making a strong impression and leaving you with indescribable feelings.

In the tale of its beauty, what stand out are its active volcanoes : Etna, Stromboli and Vulcano, seeming to express the power of an adventure story’s hero through gushing lava and shows of great power.

You’ll discover the sea of the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and the Channel of Sicily, with all the hues of the cleanest and deepest waters and with a thousand sandy, pebbled beaches, along with majestic cliffs.

The variety makes this island sublime, destined to remain forever in the heart thanks to its… heart: it’s the backcountry, among ancient, enveloping aromas and flavours, with its sunny landscapes and bright colours. The protected marine and non-marine

areas, rivers and mountain parks, flora and fauna from the smaller islands, the globally-important natural heritage celebrates the triumph of the diversity and richness of the landscapes.

It’s the type of nature that encourages well-being and harmony with a healthy sense of fun marked by trekking, long amazing trails, as well as sailing trips where you’re touched by the breeze, and even go on horseback to slow things down and experience a slow holiday visiting charming villages.

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