Trekking in Sicily


Trekking in Sicily means discovering the fragrance of clean air, finding yourself travelling many more kilometres than you had planned, in surprising natural surroundings, reaching a mountain hut, a lake behind a clearing, a beach within a protected area. It also means meeting simple people who love nature and who enjoy meeting in the evening around a cheerful table, in front of a dish of local produce and a glass of wine, chatting about the day spent together.

Speaking of trekking, there is much to discover in Sicily!

There are five Regional Natural Parks: theParco dell’Etna, the Parco Fluviale del Fiume Alcantara, the Parco delle Madonie, theParco dei Nebrodi and theParco dei Monti Sicani.

1 National Park of the island of Pantelleria.

Altogether 77 Regional Natural Reserves.

7 Protected Marine Areas: The Egadi Islands, the Pelagie Islands, Plemmirio, Capo Gallo – Isola delle Femmine, Capo Milazzo, Ustica Island and the Island of the Cyclops.

Other four Protected Areas include the Geoparco Mondiale UNESCO Rocca di Cerere.

A vast heterogeneous and eminently user-friendly heritage.

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