This is the easiest and lightest free flight at the moment, designed to take off using the push of the pilot’s legs. Wind and force of gravity are the main requested things to fly. Paragliding is a sport without motor and this is why it is not possible to take off from a plain, as can be seen it’s necessary to jump from a height. But the thrill of flying compensates all the initial fears. It’s possible to do it in tandem by double-paragliding with a skilled instructor.

by Accademia Siciliana Volo Libero

by Accademia Siciliana Volo Libero

Sicily’s main spots suitable for tandem flights:


  • Santo Stefano Quisquina
  • Passo Funnuto
  • Punta Bianca
  • Giallonardo -Siculiana


  • Catenanuova-Regalbuto
  • Caltanissetta:
  • Niscemi


  • Rocca del Corvo-Paternò
  • Monte Scala-Caltagirone
  • Mirabella Imbaccari


  • Tindari (Marinello, Oliveri, Falcone, Mongiove)
  • Capo Milazzo
  • Isola di Vulcano
  • Cesarò
  • Gallodoro-Letojanni
  • Monte Venere-Castelmola-Taormina – Giardini Naxos
  • Patti-Capo Calavà – Gioiosa Marea-Piraino
  • San Salvatore di Fitalia


  • Finale di Pollina-Cefalù
  • Piana degli Albanesi
  • Bolognetta


  • Palazzolo Acreide-Rigolizia


  • San Vito Lo Capo
  • Custonaci
  • Fulgatore


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