Once you reach Vulcano, one of the seven Aeolian Islands, you'll be immediately greeted by the acrid smell of sulphur. It's not a problem: you'll get used to it and most likely miss it when you leave.

The first thing to do is climb the crater where the view awaits you: a complete panorama of the whole island and its six other sisters! And if the sky is clear, you can also see the Messina's Tyrrhenian coast very well.

The route may seem tiring at first, but with a little patience, you’ll reach the top of the volcano without too much effort.
Avoid the hottest hours, use suitable shoes, bring a good ration of water and a pair of trekking poles, if you think they’ll help.

You can choose various means of transport for hire to get around the island: bikes, kayaks , quadbikes, mini mokes or even a taxi.
Bathing in the sulphurous mud pond is the best way to relax and reinvigorate your skin.

Musts: trips to Vulcanello, Capo Grillo, the big crater, the island tour by motorboat with a stop at the Grotta del Cavallo and Vulcano Gelso.
Also: the Grotte dell’allume and the Baia di Levante area, which are fascinating because of their steam vents, and finally the underwater thermal springs for the natural muds which have exceptional therapeutic qualities.

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