Sailing Sicily: cruise to Trapani, San Vito Lo Capo, Egadi Islands


For a relaxing sailing holiday to discover the most extreme tip of western Sicily, this is the best solution you can find. Five days of sun, wind and beauty!

1st day

The starting point is the port of Trapani, from where our boat can easily set off at full sail and reach San Vito Lo Capo, covering 38 miles.

Known as the “Pearl of Costa Gaia”, San Vito Lo Capo is famous for its kilometre-long beach of fine white sand, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. When there are no sea currents, swimming or exploring the seabed is a real pleasure here. Discover the village, which is comprised of low houses covered with vines, where you will find an Arab-Norman style sanctuary. Don’t miss out on a visit to the ancient Tonnara del Secco and the amazing Riserva dello Zingaro.

In this characteristic seaside village the typically Arabic culinary culture is based on fish and cous-cous.

2nd   day

From San Vito Lo Capo we set course towards the island of Levanzo (25 miles), the first of the Egadi islands. The roadstead and swimming can be done in Cala Dogana, the only inhabited town on the island. Cala Tramontana, Cala Calcara and Cala Minnola are equally beautiful.Grotta del Genovese is absolutely worth seeing, where there are paintings dating back to the Neolithic Age.

Dinner at the restaurant overlooking the sea during sunset is one of the things not to be missed, and likewise enjoying the typical cabbuci (hot filled buns) made alla levanzara.

3rd Day

The island of Marettimo, 12 miles away, is the furthest and most unspoiled of the Egadi islands. With its famous caves, including the Grotta del Cammello, and its trails appreciated by nature and trekking lovers, it is home to a very precious plant and fauna heritage typical of the Mediterranean.

On this island there is no shortage of pebbly bays reachable by boat, and diving enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit the magnificent seabed. For example, one interesting experience involves diving off the coast where the wreck of a merchant ship is located (find out more about the Underwater Archaeology Itineraries).

Visit the archaeological site of “Roman Houses” and the Byzantine church, as well as the Castello di Punta Troia, where you can enjoy a spectacular view from the promontory.

An afternoon walk through the streets of the centre can only end with an excellent fish dinner. Lobster pasta from the Egadi Islands is highly recommended.

4th Day

From Marettimo, the island of Favignana can be reached by sailing for 12 miles. Monte Santa Caterina, where the ancient ritual of the Tonnara take place in May every year, dominates the island.

The typical dishes here are based on fish with exceptional nutritional properties: tuna meatballs, spaghetti alla bottarga (salted and dried tuna eggs), sweet and sour tunnina and lattume (seminal liquid of tuna) fried or preserved in salt.

Make sure to visit the historic Palazzo Florio and its museum. The island is surrounded by wonderful coves, including Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra and Cala del Bue Marino, where tuff was once extracted as one of the main local businesses.

5th day

After sailing for 9 miles we return to Trapani. There are still many fascinating places to visit and flavours to discover. Indulge in a guided tour with a tasting at one of the wineries in Marsala.

If you have some free time, go on an excursion to the Ettore and Infersa salt pans, which stand out in the Stagnone lagoon with their three restored and functioning mills, right in front of the lake. island of Mothia.

If you want to extend your holiday in the area, visits to Segesta and Selinunte are must visit places in the area thanks to their magnificent evidence of the Greeks passing through.

The area has many farms that are famous for the production of oil and hold tastings and lunches based on typical traditional dishes of Sicilian cuisine. The local specialty is very unusual ice cream with oil.

Our itinerary concludes with a gem: the ancient village of Erice, with its pastry shops (don’t forget to taste the famous genovesi ericine), its ceramic shops and its colourful carpets. You can indulge in some shopping in search of the perfect souvenir.

If your time is limited, the day tour from Palermo to Mondello and Capo Gallo could be for you!

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