The ritual of Sicilian granita (semi-frozen sicilian dessert) with its slow time, quality and variety of flavours, is a sign of Sicilian culture and history.

Sicily is the house of granita. This ancient tradition is rooted in the Middle Ages, when in winter time the nivaroli used to collect the snow of the main Sicilian mountains:  Mount Etna,  Peloritani, Iblei and Nebrodi,  keeping  it in the neviere (holes coated  with stones or bricks ) and, then during the warmer months,  move them to the seashore.

The snow was then grated and mingled to lemon juices or fruit syrups, to make tasty and refreshing sorbets and ice creams.

The rattata (way of grating the snow) has evolved over time, and the snow, then used only as a refrigerant, has been replaced by water and honey with sugar, making the mixture deliciously creamy.

This unmistakable mixture, refreshing, sweet and rich in flavors, today is known worldwide as the Sicilian Granita.

Not only in summertime but throughout the year, local people and tourists from all over the world,  do not give up on this ritual, considered by the Sicilians a moment of great communion and social interaction: at breakfast, at lunch, in the afternoon, or even at dinner…anytime’s the right time for a delicious granita served with a hot brioche, or as in the past time, with a fragrant, freshly baked milk bread.

To fully enjoy the Sicilian granita (very different from the grattachecca that you can find in Roma, the sorbet or the cremolata), we suggest you to carve out  at least 30 minutes of complete relaxation, and seat comfortably at an outdoor bar, while admiring the architectural beauties, reading a newspaper or just chatting with friends.

Granite vari gusti - Ph. I. Mannarano

Granite vari gusti – Ph. I. Mannarano

Here are the most popular flavours of Sicilian Granita:

Lemon is the most traditional flavor: refreshing and low calories.

Almond is the most requested among all flavours, often having a percentage of bitter almonds, that enhance its intense aroma.

Pistachio of Bronte, rich in colour and, above all, in taste.

Coffee is the perfect flavor for breakfast, also combined with almond flavour.

Chocolate prepared with low-fat cocoa, is the children’s most loved  taste. Best served with Almond or Pistachio granita.

Mulberries , tasty and refreshing, suited to the finest palates.

Strawberry with a fresh and sweet taste, it is perfect when coupled with lemon flavor.

Peach with a light and delicious taste, it is wonderful combined with almond or mulberry granita.

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