In Santo Stefano Quisquina, in the province of Agrigento, there is a very impressive contemporary work of art: the Andromeda Theatre. The theatre was almost entirely handmade by the visionary shepherd-sculptor Lorenzo Reina in the 1970s. It is built on a hill where the shepherd used to graze his flock. In this place, spirit and nature coexist in harmony and everything seems to be surrounded by positive energy. Once here, you feel like you’re almost entering into an otherworldly dimension.

This work is considered to be sacred art because of the atmosphere it invokes. Lorenzo, its creator stated that his art represents the side on collision that our galaxy will have with the Andromeda Nebula in two and a half billion years time. The theatre has a cavea with 108 stone seats. They overlook the horizon and represent the brightest 108 stars of the Andromeda galaxy. The scene has an elliptical shape and is composed by 365 blocks, one for each day of the year.

In this dreamlike scene, the summer solstice is celebrated every year and in the backdrop of the theatre there’s a window and if you look though it at sunset at the longest day, you will see that the sun is perfectly aligned. In that moment you will feel a sensation of infinity and freedom. You can find the same characteristic in the work “La Maschera della Parola” (the Mask of the Word) It is placed near the theatre and looking through the mouth of the mask you can see the alignment of the setting sun. The Teatro di Andromeda (Andromeda Theatre) is the most precious jewel of the Fattoria dell’Arte (Art Farm), the ensemble of works and sculptures created by Reina. This theatre can be considered a living work in perpetual metamorphosis. It should be admired in silence to live a deep and powerful experience.

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