Red, round, and intensely fragrant. Crispy outside and soft inside. Pachino tomatoes are an explosion of freshness in your mouth: sweet pulp and savory at the same time – containing all the flavors of the land where it is cultivated.

Pachino tomatoes PGI are not an indigenous species of the island, but a delicious variety – or rather two, Naomi and Rita, followed by Lucinda and Shiren and others – obtained after a careful selection of non-GMOs by an Israeli company that was then introduced in Sicily.

Una cassetta di Pachino – Antonio Gravante

Especially in the countryside of Pachino and in the most southern corners of Sicily, such as Ispica, Noto and Porto Palo di Capopassero, this tomato is at its best: ciliegino, costoluto, datterino, cherry, ribbed, plum, round, oval, smooth or cluster – it becomes the protagonist of sauces, salads, tasty and fragrant dishes. In every supermarket you will find this “jewel” prized by gourmets worldwide.

pachino 2

ph. Giuseppe Santoro

Perhaps it is due to the salinity of the water for irrigation, or the high exposure to the sun, the wind, the sea breeze or the chemistry of all these elements together, our vegetable has exceptional nutritional properties: it has antioxidants and it is rich in vitamins, highly important in the Mediterranean diet; it is recognized worldwide as an intangible heritage of UNESCO.