If you are looking for a little-known Sicily that will enchant you with its exotic charm, then the Pelagie Islands are the perfect destination for your next trip.

They are the southernmost point in Italy. Lampedusa is the most southerly island, and its sea is among the most transparent in the world. Linosa lies halfway between the Sicilian and African coasts. Both islands have secret bays and a lush hinterland. They are simply stunning.

Here are 10 tips to fully enjoy their untamed beauty!

  1. Conquering the islands … by sea

The Pelagie archipelago comprises 5 islands and islets. Lampedusa and Linosa are the inhabited islands. Isola dei Conigli, Lampione and Scoglio di Sacramento are popular destinations for exciting excursions.

You can reach many Lampedusa beaches by land. But if you want to visit the exclusive bays, you can only arrive from the sea. Especially in Linosa, it is better to make excursions by boat, to enjoy its crystal clear sea.

  1. Diving and snorkelling

We are in the Caribbean of Europe. The impassable, black beaches of Lampedusa and Linosa have a green sea where you can dive and discover the seabed. Diving and snorkelling enthusiasts will bebthrilled!

Piscina Naturale, Linosa - Ph Mannarano

Piscina Naturale, Linosa – Ph Mannarano

  1. Lampione, the stone thrown by the Cyclops

The islet of Lampione is uninhabited. The only trace of humans is an automatic lighthouse. We can reach it from the small mooring, suitable only for small boats, and through a solitary path. We are in a land that doesn’t seem to have any history, but it is legendary. The myth tells that Lampione is a rock thrown from the hands of a Cyclops.

  1. Porto Vecchio in Lampedusa

Once we have landed on the island of Lampedusa, we head to Porto Vecchio and the exotic beach of Cala Palme. Here we can enjoy the view of the typical island dwellings that offer frames of everyday life. The Lungomare Luigi Rizzo is the best place to watch the fishermen working and enjoy a good fish meal in one of the delightful trattorias. Here we find everything we need: tourist accommodation, rental of vehicles, cars, bicycles, electric or petrol scooters.

Linosa - Pelagie - ph. Massimo Calcagno

Street Art a Linosa – Pelagie – ph. Massimo Calcagno

  1. A tour of Lampedusa by ” Spiaggina”

Hiring a vehicle is essential for exploring Lampedusa. This island reveals itself to be both rugged and wonderful at first glance. If we are looking for tranquillity, we will find places with surreal peace and silence. Let’s reach them on board a “spiaggina“! The Mehari is the iconic car of this place. Otherwise, we can hire an electric scooter or a quad bike.

We should take some time to enjoy a tour of the town centre and watch the different styles all mingled together. The island atmosphere is highly sophisticated in its use of light and colour.

  1. Bays in Lampedusa

If we are looking for an equipped beach, suitable for families with children, let’s go to Cala Croce. Cala Guitgia, Cala Pulcino, Cala Pisana, are beaches that can be easily reached on foot. Let’s not miss Cala Creta: its panorama takes your breath away. And let’s also visit Cala Pozzolana, the Conte beach and the Piscine beach, where we can dive into the natural pools dug out of the lava rock.

Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa - Ph Mannarano

Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa – Ph Mannarano

Finally, at Baia dei Conigli, we won’t find rabbits but simply the most beautiful beach in the world.

  1. Linosa, a timeless island

Unlike Lampedusa, which is vibrant and lively, Linosa keeps a lower profile. It is the perfect place for those who prefer to avoid crowds and want to lose touch with reality. Two days are enough to discover the whole Island and enjoy all the activities it has to offer.

Let’s relax in the sun, swim in its emerald lava pools and eat great food in the local restaurants. That’s how we can spend all our time. On Linosa, time seems not to exist.

  1. Linosa by bicycle

A gentle breeze blows all year round on its coastline. Linosa la ventosa (the windy island ) is a volcanic island with an area of only 5 km. It lies halfway between Sicily and Tunisia.


Linosa – Laurom, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Because of its size, a bicycle is the perfect means of transport for visiting the whole island. You can rent one at the port or online. We ride along the roads from the town centre to reach the main beaches and points of interest.

  1. Bays in Linosa

On Linosa, the only tongue of sand on the entire island is Cala Pozzalana di Ponente. It is set between high rocky walls and offers a breathtaking view. Don’t forget to visit Cala Pozzalana di Levante as well.

Cala a Linosa

Cala a Linosa – fab., CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In front of the headland of Punta Beppe Tuccio is a lagoon with a few islets: admiring this landscape is a real feast for the eyes. Sicchitella, at Punta Calcarella, is a diver’s paradise and one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

  1. Tasting the Pelagie Islands

These islands are beautiful and have plenty of delicious, typical dishes. Thanks to their particular geological conformation, they offer a kind of biodiversity unique in the world.

On Lampedusa and Linosa, fine wines await us to accompany the typical seafood cuisine. Especially on Lampedusa, always ask for the catch of the day.

The cultivation of capers and lentils is very famous.

In the lava soil of Linosa, there are many prickly pear plants. From them, the locals produce liqueur and the traditional granita.

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