• Gluten-free Sicily

    Sicilian cuisine is rich in “naturally” gluten-free dishes, such as fish and seafood. The Associazione Italiana Celiachia, the Italian Coeliac Society, [...]

  • Pachino PGI Tomatoes

    Red, round and intensely fragrant, crisp outside and soft inside, Pachino tomatoes explode on the palate with their fresh, sweet [...]

  • Couscous

    Here is the confirmation that the simplest things are the best. Where can you find an easier recipe than this? [...]

  • The Bronte Pistachio

    They call it “green gold” for a reason! Some of Sicily's treasures deserve to be discovered and savoured slowly. These include [...]

  • Ancient Sicilian Markets

    Sicily's ancient markets have a special atmosphere: they're places of animated, almost theatrical arguments and agreements. Created by the Arabs, the [...]

  • Modica Chocolate

    Swiss? No, Aztec! Chocolate in Modica is made according to an ancient recipe, of Aztec origins no less. If you're [...]