• Sfinciuni

    Sfinciuni, cudduruni, scacciate, ‘nfriulati, imbriulati, pitoni. Various type of rustic pizza made with a bread dough base, onions, tomatoes, anchovies, caciocavallo, [...]

  • Anelletti al Forno

    Anelletti al forno, better known as anelletti alla palermitana, is a baked pasta dish of Sicilian origin which owes its [...]

  • Pasta con le Sarde

    Pasta con le sarde is a dish you absolutely have […]

  • Arancine (saffron rice balls)

    The name Arancina probably comes from an ancient, Arab saffron-scented rice […]

  • Cassata Siciliana

    The queen of traditional Sicilian pastries, cassata probably takes its […]

  • Gelu i muluni – Watermelon iced dessert

    We call it Gelu i muluni, a typically summery Sicilian spoon dessert. In its most traditional guise, offered in a [...]

  • Cannoli Siciliani

    Cannoli siciliani are the most typical Sicilian confectionery product. They were originally carnival desserts, but have long been made all [...]

  • Arancino and Arancina

    Arancino or arancina? The dilemma is not easy to resolve and has for centuries been argued over by linguists, passionate [...]