• Pane con la milza

    Pane con la milza or 'u pani c'a meusa (bread with spleen) is a key Sicilian street food dish.  Great [...]


    Sicilian blood oranges can be considered the true essence of the island. They can be eaten fresh or used for [...]

  • TTATTA’ RECIPES – Mushroom recipes

    After your trip to Sicily, you'll probably want to impress your friends and family by cooking up some delicious, perhaps [...]

  • Aubergine Parmigiana

    Every self-respecting Sicilian knows how to recognise its unmistakable smell even before looking at it, freshly baked, at the centre of [...]

  • Fried battered cardoons (I carduna ca pastetta)

    Presenting the thistle, the Sicilian peasant's traditional poor fare that still enriches the traditional Christmas dinner and the Tavolate di [...]

  • Martorana fruit

    This fine almond paste with bright colours is an expression of great gastronomic creativity that perfectly imitates fruit and vegetables. [...]

  • Tomato purée (l’astrattu)

    An intense summer sun that lasts uninterruptedly for at least a week; a tomato that is not too watery and [...]

  • Sicilian Pignolata

    Pignolata or pignoccata is an ancient, typically Sicilian cake, but […]

  • Sfincione di Bagheria

    There is only one sfincione and it is that of Bagheria! So it is said among the inhabitants of Bagheria, [...]