Kitesurfing in Sicily


Kitesurfing (or kiteboarding or fly surfing) is a water sport best practised on windy days. The challenge is simple: with a board at your feet, you let yourself be pulled across the surface of the water by a big kite!

Over time, kitesurfing has embraced many disciplines such as Freestyle where you perform evolutions; Wave where you surf the waves; Long Distance where you make a real race in the style of sailing; Speed where you try to break the world speed record.

Kitesurfing is an easy sport to learn, and with just a few lessons you’ll be working the sail and gliding over the surface of the water. It does not require any physical strength as kinetic force is used to a great extent, even if, in “unfavourable” weather conditions, physical and technical training often make the difference.

Here are the ideal kitesurfing destinations in Sicily!

Lo Stagnone a Marsala is one of the kitesurfing capitals of the world, a lagoon that has become a natural reserve because it is an ideal breeding and resting habitat for many animal species. At low tide, the Stagnone becomes an immense prairie, almost like a football field in the middle of the sea. For several years now, the north coast of Marsala has become the ultimate meeting place for kitesurfing enthusiasts. There are many sportsmen and women from all over the world who come here to practise this sport, making the most of the wind, which, thanks to its geographical position and special microclimatic conditions, guarantees optimum conditions all year round.

Also in the province of Trapani, another popular destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts is the Puzziteddu, in contrada Granitola in Campobello di Mazara.

In the Province of Caltanissetta, on the coast between Licata and Gela, at Manfria in contrada Tenutella there is a very windy area and an IKO certified school.

In the Province of Ragusa, we can practice our favourite sport at Pozzallo and Santa Maria del Focallo.

The Straits of Messina is an area full of sites suitable for kitesurfing and rich in the basic natural elements: a wonderful sea, wind that is always present throughout the year, wide beaches and a mild climate even in the winter months.

At Palermo, the wonderful sea that washes the beach at Mondello will be perfect for our needs.

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