The Magna Via Francigena


The Magna Via Francigena, the great road of the Frankish knights, retraces the ancient road connecting Agrigento and Palermo, which has been trodden by pilgrims and travellers for millennia.

This ancient path has come to light again centuries later to inspire us again. Whether you go on foot or by bike, it means getting to know authentic Sicily in the most natural way, venturing into its heartland to discover its treasures: archaeological sites, naturalistic points of interest and masterpieces of art, among hills, highlands and expanses of the Sicilian hinterland.

The recommended periods for a trip are April-June and September-November, when you can enjoy a mild and sunny climate.

These trails totalling approximately 180 kilometres can be covered entirely or in 9 stages of 20-25 kilometres, between forgotten dirt roads and quiet provincial roads that cross the island, connecting the Mediterranean coast to the Tyrrhenian one.

You cross three provinces, Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Palermo, passing through the transhumance route of Castronovo di Sicilia.

There are 13 municipalities involved, all of which have widespread hospitality services. In exchange for a voluntary donation, an organised network for pilgrims including parishes, associations and individuals will open the door to you with the warmth that you can only find in the south.

The Magna Via Francigena is regulated by credentials and testimonials that certify the pilgrim’s status: a stamp for each stage reached guarantees facilities offering accommodation and catering services. When you have covered at least 100 kilometres you will be issued a certificate.

A light backpack, the desire to discover the territory and a lot of ability to adapt: that’s all you need.

However, you can also choose to enjoy this experience by using hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses and hostels as support points, depending on your needs and the comforts you seek. In any case, you will definitely sample the most delicious, healthy and authentic local cuisine during your journey.

As such, it is an experience outside the usual tourist circuits but at the same time it is open to everyone. Trekkers, tourists, devotees and explorers of all ages, the walkers are united in their journey by a single purpose: an on-going search for surprises, while always looking to the horizon.

Discover more on the website of the Magna Via Francigena.

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