Noto – Wreck of the Amphoras


Explore the mysterious shipwreck of wine amphorae off the coast of Noto, a fascinating dive for experienced divers only.

This site, located in the open sea about two miles from the coast, extends to a depth of 45 metres, offering a unique opportunity to discover ancient artefacts dating from the mid-fourth century BC and the first quarter of the third century BC. These amphorae, found in a submerged wreck, testify to the intense trade between Syracuse and the Greek cities of Ionian Sicily, as well as with Gela and Licata in the Strait of Sicily.

The importance of this find is clear, confirming the ancient trade routes that extended as far as the Po Valley through Calabria and Apulia, involving cities such as Spina and Adria. Recent studies suggest that the amphorae may have come from the island of Corfu, paving the way for further research to better understand their origin and production.

Find out more on the website of the Superintendence of the Sea.

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