Marzamemi – Wreck of the Columns


Discover an underwater treasure near the picturesque village of Marzamemi, a unique dive in the heart of Sicily.

Half a mile off the coast, lie the remains of a Roman ship from the 3rd century AD, carrying cargoes of half-finished columns and marble blocks from the Orient. These remains, located at a depth of 7 metres, offer a spectacle on the rocky seabed, surrounded by posidonia bushes.

Although the wreck has now disappeared, the imposing dimensions of an isolated column, 6.40 metres long and with a diameter of about 185 cm, have remained intact, contributing to this truly impressive dive.

This underwater adventure, considered easy and also suitable for snorkeling, will allow you to explore ancient architectural artefacts emerging from the seabed, offering an experience of history and natural beauty.

Find out more on the website of the Superintendence of the Sea.

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