Holiday in Palermo with children and teenagers


Even in Palermo, children can play with art and culture! There are many museums that organise activities and tours, from the Diocesan Museum to the Gallery of Modern Art, from the Seaside Ecomuseum to the Gemellaro Museum to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Palazzo Riso, and more.

One show for the whole family to enjoy is the Puppet Opera, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a living tradition throughout Sicily.

In Palermo, the Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum is fun: a rich collection of puppets and marionettes from all over the world. In November, the Morgana Puppet Festival takes place: great for young and old.

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Another attraction to see is the Workshop and Puppet Theatre in Cuticchio’s AssociazioneFigli d’Arte.

In nearby Bagheria, the Pietro Piraino Toy and Waxwork Museum is a step back in time among porcelain dolls, automata and old mechanical toys. There’s many chances to play and celebrate while also celebrating the patron saint, or just the sacred and secular celebrations in general, where there’s never a lack of sweet and toy stalls throughout Sicily.

The Adventure Park closest to the city of Palermo is Eco Campus Casaboli in Pioppo.

Look to the skies! The famous Kite Festival in Cefalù (Palermo), which usually takes place in September, and in San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani), usually in May, is a wonderful experience! The sky is coloured by kites in all shapes and sizes from all over the world. There are many activities scheduled for the week: street sea food with local specialties, concerts, paragliding, surfing and canoeing competitions, swimming competitions, tours to discover the territory, on foot, by electric bus and by boat, kite building workshops for children, and night flights with kites.

Experience the Madonie Adventure Park in Petralia Sottana, in the province of Palermo: a park surrounded by a forest of chestnut and pine trees with adventure trails suitable for all ages. It’ll be great to cross the park from above across different trails. They start off easy and get more difficult, giving you a great opportunity to get more confident.

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