The true essence of a place also involves its smells and flavors.

Few places on earth can embrace so many fragrances and flavors  as Sicily.

For this reason the Mediterranean diet captures the essence and the most deep synthesis of this island, and symbolizes its quality of life.  For this reason the word “diet” , from the Greek diaita, means way of life.

Through its ingredients and its dishes, the Mediterranean diet tells us two thousand years of history and contaminations among different cultures. It has become, at the same time, a nutritional example in the world, an ideal model for its beneficial effects on longevity and health. That is why in November 2010 UNESCO added it to the to the  List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

A territory reveals much about itself through its simple and genuine products: olive oil, cereals, fresh and dried fruits, honey, vegetables, fish and moderate amounts of meat and dairy products, along with the typical local wines.

These ingredients, fancifully combined, can create delicious treats recalling the flavor of sun and sea. One can only  savour them without haste, just enjoying  the pleasure of being together at the table.