The Mediterranean Diet


The essence of a place also encompasses its scents and flavours.

Few places in the world manage to encapsulate so many scents and flavours together as Sicily.

This is why the Mediterranean diet manages to express the essence and the most profound synthesis of this island and symbolises its quality of life. It is not for nothing that the word "dieta", from the Greek diaita, means "lifestyle'".

Through its ingredients and dishes, the Mediterranean diet narrates two thousand years of history and cross-cultural influences. It has become, at the same time, a nutritional inspiration for the world, an ideal model to follow for its beneficial effects on longevity and health. For these reasons, in November 2010, it was recognised by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage site.

The region is presented through its simple and genuine products: olive oil, cereals, fresh and dried fruit, honeys, vegetables, fish and a moderate amount of meat and dairy products, together with local wines. These ingredients, imaginatively combined, create delicacies rich in the flavour of the sun and the sea, to be enjoyed unhurriedly and with the joy of being together at the table.

This tour of Sicily’s vegetarian cuisine will take you on a discovery of countless dishes based on vegetables, pulses, spices and cheese. And who knows what other flavours Sicily has in store for you!

Try your hand at the recipes selected to bring Sicily directly to your table.

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