San Vito Lo Capo – Kent Wreck


Nestled between the picturesque Punta Spadillo and Punta Forbice, this destination is easily accessible by sea, half a mile from the coast opposite the old tuna fishery of the Secco. Known as the “ship of the Korans”, the Kent was a 72-metre-long Cypriot cargo ship.

It was carrying a variety of goods, including korans, tusks and cigarettes, as well as materials such as polyethylene and fuel.

In July 1978, while anchored in San Vito Lo Capo, the Kent was hit by a mysterious fire in the engine room. The following day, leaning towards the stern, the ship ran aground on the seabed, where it still lies today at a depth of about 38 metres.

Although the cargo is lost, the copies of the Korans have attracted great interest, turning the Kent into a fascinating attraction.

Find out more on the website of the Superintendence of the Sea.

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