Bringing our pets along is not always that easy, especially at the beach. Sicily is a land that greatly welcomes dogs and their owners, providing many beaches that allow everyone to enjoy the sea and the outdoor life: let’s discover some of them.

In Priolo Gargallo, near Siracusa, there is Bau Bau Beach, which is a three kilometers beach with free entrance (you only pay for parking) and many opportunities for those arriving with their own dogs on leash; the dogs and their owners will have fun with the mini “agility” path and the educational gazebo where classes and games are organized to improve the relationship between pets and people, and even with children.

Initiatives and competitions are held on a daily basis. At the entrance a water bowl for the dog and a bag for its manure are delivered and there is also a shower for men and dogs. If necessary,  veterinary assistance will be provided.

In Messina we find the Lido vengo anche io  and La Spiaggia di Pluto. Another Bau Bau Beach is  in Brolo, near Messina – also free  -offering  an agility path, shaded areas,  the possibility to bathe, shower heads and even a  sugarless “bau ice cream”, made ​​specifically for dogs.

In Vulcano, in the Aeolian islands, there is Lido sabbie nere e acque calde; the island is famous for its scenery and for the therapeutic mud. Dogs of any size are accepted for free and they can also swim.

In Castellammare del Golfo, near Trapani, there is another Bau Beach, that in summer-time  becomes pet friendly.

In Catania, you will find the dog beach Lido Azzurro.

For further information about addresses, contacts and specific inquires  on the beaches dedicated to our four-legged friends, we suggest to  see the list below, that is  annually updated by Sicilia Turismo per Tutti (Facebook),  the association caring for accessible and environmentally friendly hospitality projects throughout the Sicilian territory.

Download the list of pet friendly beaches

Tool Box

Gauze, alcohol, bandages, plasters and elastic bands, hydrogen peroxide, soap, disinfectant for bite wounds, saline eye, generic antibiotic ointment for wounds, hair removal tweezers to remove ticks, clippers, syringes, small scissors, stick to wrap rigidly a limb, pesticide, repellents sandflies.

VACCINATIONS – Useful to know – Shifts

Although in Italy the rabies vaccination certificate is not mandatory (though in some regions is required), bringing along the animal’s health card on which the vaccinations are recorded is recommended. If we travel in Europe, US or Canada we must arm ourselves with an International Certificate of Origin and Health issued by the ASL or by a veterinarian officially authorized. The certificate shall certify that: 1) the dog has been vaccinated against rabies less than eleven months and more than twenty days before; 2) the dog has been visited on the day the certificate was issued and it is clinically healthy. This certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. In some countries there are rules even stricter according to which you can get detailed information by referring directly to the veterinary service. Quarantine periods are often provided: periods that vary from country to country, during which the animal is separated from the owner and held at an appropriate medical facility. For Italian laws you can refer to this:

By car:

The Statement of reference for travelling by car with a dog in Italy is the Nuovo Codice della Strada (Legislative Decree No. 285, April 30, 1992, as amended.) and more precisely TITOLO V – Norme di Comportamento (Standards of Conduct) – Art. 169. Trasporto di persone, animali and oggetti sui veicoli a motore – comma 6 Art.169.

By train:

In Italy the transportation of dogs by train is allowed as long as you follow the rules regarding the type of train and the size of the animal. Guide dogs for the blind are allowed to train travel for free in any class, but in some cases they must be subjected to wearing the muzzle.

By plane:

All airlines allow, generally, the transportation of dogs and other small animals, but each airline adopts different rules. We suggest to enquire in advance.

In the case of guide dogs for the blind, they are boarded with passengers but wearing a muzzle and a leash: in this case, the transportation is free but the passenger is required to report the presence of the dog to the airline; Dog and owner will board early and properly arranged one beside the other.

By boat:

Bringing our dogs for short trips on ships or ferries is generally not a problem: a health certificate of the animal is mandatory. Some boats provide cages or “kennels on board”, where locking bigger-sized dogs is mandatory; If they are small-sized, the dogs can walk on the deck but they must be on leash and sleep in the cabin (Booked for the owner and dog). Some companies require the use of muzzles as well.

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