With its three inhabited centres, Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni, it’s the second largest with just over 2,300 inhabitants, where olive trees, caper bushes, lush fig trees and citrus fruits are grown. Here is Salina, an island that manages to delight the eyes and taste buds with the sweetest and saltiest delicacies nature has to offer.
Sorsi di Malvasia, the sweet CDO wine that is local to these islands, enhance the pleasures of good food often enriched by the taste of delicious capers that grow on the island. There are narrow stone streets, pebble beaches

and two volcanoes that have been dormant for 13,000 years.
For some, it’s love at first sight! You’ll want to photograph every corner of this island, where its volcanic cliffs hang over the sea.

Take the opportunity to venture out on a trip to the Fossa delle Felci, a trip to Valdichiesa (a village with just 89 inhabitants), to the Semaforo di Pollara and to Punta Lingua.

In the square overlooking the laghetto Lingua pond, a small fishing village south of Santa Marina Salina, you’ll find several places to relax and have a taste of ‘u pani cunzatu: bread seasoned with caper pesto, almonds, grilled aubergines, caperberries, tomato, mint and a mountain of grated ricotta baked on top.
For dessert, granita made from mulberries, almonds, figs or still other flavours.

Don’t leave without making the journey to the island by boat and maybe even stopping it at Punta Perciatu and Pollara, where Massimo Troisi shot the film Il Postino.

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