With its three towns, Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni, it is the second largest Aeolian island,  with little more than 2,300 inhabitants. Olive groves, caper bushes, lush, fig and citrus trees. Here’s Salina, an island that can make your eyes and taste buds burst from the rapture with the sweetest and most savory delicacies of nature..
Sips of Malvasia, the DOC sweet wine typical of these islands, enhance the pleasures of good food, often improved by the taste of delicious capers that grow wild on the island.

Stone streets, pebble beaches and the two 13,000 year old dormant volcanoes.
For some people it’s love at first sight! You’ll want to take a picture of every corner of this fascinating island with its volcanic cliffs near the sea.

Walking tours to Fossa delle Felci, trip to Valdichiesa (village of 89 inhabitants) at Semaforo di Pollara and Punta Lingua.

Lingua: Pani cunzatu (Ph. Robianni)

Aeolian typical food at Lingua – Pani cunzatu  (Ph. Robianni)

In the square facing the lake of Lingua, a small fishing village to the south of Santa Marina Salina, there are several perfect places to relax and enjoy a cunzatu bread with pesto of capers, almonds, grilled aubergine, cucunci, tomatoes, mint and a mountain of baked grated ricotta sprinkled on top.

For dessert, a mulberry granita or almonds, figs and much more.

La casa di Neruda nel film “Il postino” con Massimo Troisi (Ph. Massimo Calcagno)

Neruda’s house in the film “Il Postino” (The Postman) with Massimo Troisi

You already know that you will do a trip around the island by boat, perhaps with a stop in Punta Perciatu and Pollara, where Massimo Troisi filmed the movie “Il Postino”.

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